So how can a database improve your business?

Many companies starting out small rely on an Excel spreadsheet and a filing cabinet to keep track of their clients and accounts.

But as your business grows, so does the amount of information you need to store. And as you take on more employees, it’s important to have a company-wide system where you can centralise and organise that information.

Bespoke database developers

We have created & developed databses for many types of industry:

  • Estate Agents
  • Property Management
  • Hotel Booking & Reservations
  • Vehicle Rental Booking
  • Vehicle Sales
  • Event Management
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Product Catalogues
  • Staff Intranets

Here are just a few reasons why:

A database will allow you or whoever deals with a client to update orders and add notes to their file.

That way, whoever deals with the client next will know exactly what they need, when they contacted you last and why.

The client won’t have to repeat themselves every time they get in touch.

As a result, they will feel more valued, and will be more inclined to continue to use your business.

Keeping your clients’ details in a database means you can contact them quickly and easily.

You can chase up outstanding accounts automatically, track orders, send out invoices or email them with special offers.

Information can be kept securely on a database.

A well-organised database is only accessible to authorised users – and each user can only log in to the sections of the database that are relevant to their role in the company.

Instant access, anywhere!

A browser-based database can be accessed from any computer with internet access, so wherever you are in the world, you (and your authorised users) have full and secure access to your “digital filing cabinet”

Analysis of databases can also help you grow your business.

Past orders can show you what a customer is likely to order in future, and you can send out coupons or special offers to promote specific products to each customer.

If you think a bespoke database could help you run your company more efficiently, give us a call and we can talk you through it.



You can email us, call us, or arrange to visit us at our studio at Tonge Mill, meet the team and discuss your project. You may already have a detailed plan of what you require or you might want a bit of creative input – whatever you need, we can discuss it over a cuppa and come up with a plan. We can also show you lots of examples of our work, which might give you some new ideas.

If you’re not sure how to brief us, download our fact sheets to guide you through the process.


The next stage is where we give you a written estimate. Quite often we can provide this on the same day. If you’ve got a budget in mind, let us know right from the start, so that we know what we’re working with.

You might be pleasantly surprised – a website doesn’t have to have a huge budget to make a big impact.


Commissioning comes next. If you’re happy with the estimate and with our proposals, we can get going. A simple exchange of paperwork is all we need to formalise the agreement.

Now the exciting bit – the design process. The work will be scheduled into production and we will keep in touch through every stage of design, so that you end up with a website you can be proud to show off.