Social Networking

If you don’t have a social media presence, that’s a lot of people you’re not talking to! And you can bet that your competitors are already out there, making their presence felt.

Social marketing from CS One Designers

It’s important that your accounts are well managed, updated regularly and properly monitored. Clogging up a user’s facebook page or twitter timeline with news and updates that are irrelevant and repetitive can easily put off potential and existing customers

Why your company should be using social media


Twitter users are hungry for new ideas, opportunities, information, services, and products. If your business is not part of this exchange, you're leaving two huge opportunities untouched: growing your business and improving it.


It’s a great opportunity for a company to make online sales, get a following around the brand, create a platform where customers can discuss the products and, when done successfully, let people spread the word about your qualities.


LinkedIn lets you connect with people, as well as with organisations and other businesses. But the most important thing about having a LinkedIn account is that it can help you expand your professional online presence and grow your business.


Video is a very popular content format that's regularly shared via social media and email. So Google and other search engines tend to favour sites that offer it. Millions of people use YouTube every day to watch product reviews which can influence a customers decision.

And many more ...

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Target Market

CS One’s specialist team will analyse your business, looking at your goals and targets, and select the right social media platforms for your target market. We will set up your profiles to stand out from the competition, show you how to use social media to promote your business, boost your brand image, and drive customers to your company website. We will help you put together a social media campaign that is designed to appeal to your target market, win new customers and boost your online presence.


We will provide training to help you manage your own profiles, and are also planning to offer a social media management service – if that’s something you think you would be interested in, give us a ring and we can discuss it. We’ll also come up with some creative ideas for how you can use your profile interact with potential customers – it’s a great way to get feedback, test new products and publicise sales and special offers.

Analysis & PPC

Once your social media profiles are up and running, we can analyse your data and report on how it is working for your business, suggesting ways to tweak your campaign for the best results. We can also manage your pay per click adverts, so that you get the best out of your online advertising campaign.



You can email us, call us, or arrange to visit us at our studio at Tonge Mill, meet the team and discuss your project. You may already have a detailed plan of what you require or you might want a bit of creative input – whatever you need, we can discuss it over a cuppa and come up with a plan. We can also show you lots of examples of our work, which might give you some new ideas.

If you’re not sure how to brief us, download our fact sheets to guide you through the process.


The next stage is where we give you a written estimate. Quite often we can provide this on the same day. If you’ve got a budget in mind, let us know right from the start, so that we know what we’re working with.

You might be pleasantly surprised – a website doesn’t have to have a huge budget to make a big impact.


Commissioning comes next. If you’re happy with the estimate and with our proposals, we can get going. A simple exchange of paperwork is all we need to formalise the agreement.

Now the exciting bit – the design process. The work will be scheduled into production and we will keep in touch through every stage of design, so that you end up with a website you can be proud to show off.